Quick Inspirations for You: Short But Impactful

Quick Inspirations for You: Short But Impactful

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Quick Inspirations for You: Short But Impactful
  • Jesus is Commanding THIS!

    Dr. Kevin Zadai explains how to get over the walls in your life!

    Watch the full, unedited version here: https://www.youtube.com/live/8fXxMOeFv7k?si=qUfasd1JaZc6oWND

  • God Has a Path for YOU!

    Shift your mindset to allow God’s blessings to manifest in your life, and learn how to navigate the unique path God’s set before you through this course!

    Enroll now here: bit.ly/3U132F7 and use the code GODSPATH for 50% off!

  • Let's Worship Together Live at Dallas Vol 1. - You're The One

    Dr. Kevin Zadai sits down with Jason and Brittany Gillette, Michael Cowen, and Cesar Valeron to talk about their brand new worship CD, recorded in Dallas, Texas.

    Where to purchase this MP3 Album:

  • A Place of Divine Protection

    Through this series you will explore Goshen’s Biblical significance, deepen your relationship with God, experience unwavering divine protection, unlock angelic guardianship, cultivate a life of divine favor and peace, and navigate life with Heavenly wisdom.

    Interested in learning more, enroll in...

  • It's Time to Push Back!

    In this video, Dr. Kevin Zadai shares about knocking out the evil spirits in your life, but you can't do it alone!

    Watch the full, unedited version here: https://youtube.com/live/hqAX2RKfDSE?feature=share

  • You Can Encounter THIS!

    Dive into the depths of spiritual maturity with Dr. Kevin Zadai's course series, Encountering Perfect Harmony in the Spirit. This enlightening journey unfolds over ten sessions, each designed to guide you closer to living in sync with the Holy Spirit.

    Embrace this opportunity to deepen your rela...

  • Jesus Taught Me THIS!

    Dr. Kevin Zadai uncovers the truth about things going on around us.

  • How Angels Intervene in Spiritual Warfare

    In this course, Dr. Kevin Zadai provides a scriptural foundation of the dynamics of deliverance and the operation of demons in both believers' and unbelievers' lives. You will become empowered to navigate and engage in spiritual warfare with a deeper understanding of the forces at play and the re...

  • Unseen Realms Revealed

    Dr. Kevin Zadai shares knowledge that most people don't share!

  • Your Moment is NOW!

    Through this transformative journey, you will unlock Heaven's blessings, claim your inheritance, discover God’s plan, and achieve your breakthrough!

    Start this course today: https://bit.ly/3OUUHkU

  • How to Receive Heaven's Perspective

    Dr. Kevin Zadai is here to teach you how to operate from Heaven’s perspective to overcome physical and spiritual limitations, navigate the challenges of living in both realms by aligning with God’s provision, and SO MUCH more!

    Use this link to enroll now: https://bit.ly/3IcMLY8 and this 50% off ...

  • Jesus Gave You Authority

    Dr. Kevin Zadai teaches you how to navigate in the Supernatural!

  • In Harmony with the Spirit

    In this video, Dr. Kevin Zadai shares how the Holy Spirit works in your life, you just have to accept Him.

  • Encountering the Command of Heaven

    In his two-level course series, Encountering the Command of Heaven, Dr. Kevin shares insights from the Spirit that will deepen your understanding of divine authority, enhance your spiritual warfare skills, and cultivate a life led by the Holy Spirit. This course will reduce the time it would typi...

  • In Harmony with the Spirit

    In this video, Dr. Kevin Zadai shares how the Holy Spirit works in your life, you just have to accept Him.

  • The Truth Never Changes!

    You have been earmarked by God to be the standard.

  • You've Been Bought Back!

    You are valuable because of who you are as a person, not because of your gifts!

  • Don’t Let the Devil Test Your Boundaries!

    If you have faced doubt or don't know why things are happening the way that they are in your life, this video is for you.

  • How to Create a Habitation for God's Presence

    Dr. Kevin Zadai shares powerful truths on creating a habitation for God’s presence so you can meet with Him anytime and anywhere. This is from Kevin’s course Dwelling in God’s Habitation. Save 50% by using coupon code HABITATION when you enroll: https://bit.ly/3L5dyrt

  • Receiving from Your Heavenly Father

    Dr. Kevin Zadai encourages and empowers you to receive from your Heavenly Father.

  • Time to put the enemy in checkmate!

    Dr. Kevin Zadai shares how God's timing is perfect, and He's never put into checkmate! Be encouraged to trust His plan for your life, yield to the Spirit, and put the enemy in checkmate! If you like this video, consider getting Dr. Zadai's teaching on the Holy Spirit: https://bit.ly/3skzWU9

  • Prophetic perspective for the present

    Kevin Zadai shares his prophetic perspective for this time and season we're in.

  • Heavenly insights for interpreting your dreams

    Because he's been to heaven and back, Dr. Kevin Zadai has unique insights into dreams and how God communicates through them. In this video, Dr. Zadai shares tips for interpreting your dreams and what to do when you receive a warning dream.

  • Don't let THIS stop your breakthrough!

    Dr. Kevin Zadai reveals one of the greatest opponents to your breakthrough and how to overcome it!

    Kevin Zadai knows Heaven is real because he's been there. In 1992 during a routine surgery, Kevin met Jesus on the other side. This visitation and the things Jesus taught him profoundly changed hi...