Kevin Zadai Shorts

Kevin Zadai Shorts

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Kevin Zadai Shorts
  • How to speak with the power of the Spirit

    In this video, Dr. Kevin Zadai reveals how you can start being a partaker of the divine nature by connecting your words with the power of the Spirit. This video is from Dr. Zadai's course The Mystery of the Power Words. To learn more about his course click here:

  • Make THIS your go-to healing scripture!

    In this special video, Dr. Kevin Zadai shares his go-to healing scripture, and his reason should make it a go-to for you as well! To help you encounter your own path towards healing, Dr. Zadai has created a 60 Day Healing Devotional. Get your's here:

  • Do THIS to make the devil pay!

    Dr. Kevin Zadai shares what you can do to make the devil pay back what he's taken from you... and more. Don't stop with justice. You deserve restitution!

  • Here is proof you can hear God's voice

    God is speaking to you, and Dr. Kevin Zadai explains how you can hear His voice! To learn all the keys Kevin's discovered in his journey of hearing God's voice, consider his online course:

  • How to reach your spiritual promotion

    Dr. Kevin Zadai reveals how to turn life's storms into spiritual promotion! Stop letting adversity affect you, and start walking in God's supernatural favor! If you enjoy this video, consider getting Dr. Zadai's Mp3 teaching "It's Rigged in Your Favor" at

  • Don't let THIS block your healing!

    Dr. Kevin Zadai reveals how understanding the separation of soul and spirit is important for receiving healing. If you enjoy this video, you may like Dr. Zadai's 60 Day Healing Devotional. Get your's here:

  • Understanding this unlocks your heavenly inheritance

    Dr. Kevin Zadai shares how the power of Jesus' blood is the key to unlocking your divine inheritance. For more on activating the supernatural benefits of Jesus' blood, consider enrolling in Dr. Zadai's course, The Precious Blood of Jesus:

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  • What Hinders a Believers Healing_

    Dr. Kevin Zadai answers the question, "What hinders a believer's healing?" If you want to hear Dr. Zadai answer more questions on healing, watch the full Q&A here:

  • Does God cause sickness_

    Does God cause sickness? Does He use sickness to teach or punish us? Dr. Kevin Zadai answers these hard-hitting questions in this video.